Gareth John Jones

I've been acting on and off for over 30 years, but it's only in the last few years that I've added movie acting to my repertoire. It requires quite a different approach from stage acting. I started, as most people do, with a few student movies, some of which never saw the light of day, and then moved onto movies which can be seen on You-tube, etc. My latest project was the short film As Seen on TV. which gathered several awards on its first showing and which will hopefully gather a bigger reputation as it makes the rounds of various film festivals.

My only full-length movie so far, which should be out of post-prodcution sometime this year, is Ship Happens.


"As Seen on TV"

This short movie from WildeGlen Productions follws Danny as a child and as an adult. The imaginative, TV-loving youngster grows up into a repressed, shy, nostagia freak. But there's hope, perhaps.

I play the adult Danny, a lead role with no dialogue.

Ship Happens

This full-length movie from Impossivel Productions id part-thriller, part rom-com, and with some very adult themes.

In it I play the "Barfly" who has little to say (or at least, little that's coherent) but plays a key part in the plot.

Move or Die! Zombie Parkour

A short movie from Rawshock in which I play two different corpses, and in which my right foot shines as "Disgusting Foot Zombie".

some student movies

I'll be adding some more links here later...