Gareth John Jones

The name Beaumains, as King Arthur fans will realize, comes from the nickname which was given to Sir Gareth in the legends. Arthur's foster-brother, Kay, gave him the insulting name ( "Pretty hands") when he arrived at Camelot. Naturally he was later soundly defeated by Sir Gareth.

It ran for six issues, in the 90's. I had intended both to publish this and continue to publish the earlier generic Black Mole - but I'm afraid that once this one appeared, Black Mole was no more - due to lack of time. This magazine mainly catered for fans of the roleplay game, King Arthur Pendragon. I wrote about half of the content, but we had some very talented and sometimes well-known contributors. The contents were a mix of background material, reviews, and scenarios.

Old as it is, I'm still very proud of Beaumains.


The Arthurian magazine for gamers

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