Gareth John Jones

This game was inspired by watching action movies and old Saturday-morning serials and by reading comics and swashbuckling novels. Fighting against impossible odds and winning through is far more plausible in AAARG! than in most roleplay games - deliberately so. Built into the game are the fact that (for instance) a bunch of soldiers in comic-opera costumes can be defeated in droves by tripping them over, or rolling a beer barrel down a hill - and it demonstrates the well-known phenomenon that the more bad guys there are, the worse their aim becomes.

It's a generic game, not tied to a particular era or genre, so long as you don't take it too seriously. This has the advantage that you can take scenarios written for other games (espec ially when you find them in the remainder bins) and quickly convert them. I myself have run scenarios designed to be used with Star Wars, the Palladium system, Dream Park, Gangbusters, Timemaster, and many more, as well as inventing my own. My own longest-running campaign was set in the universe of Philip Jose Farmer's World of Tiers. (incidentally that setting has its own system, Thoan, but it's only available in French).


The All-Adventure Action Roleplay Game