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I sometimes do a comedy skit about how great it would be if my brain could concentrate on something useful rather than distracting me with a catalogue of useless nonsense which it happens to find interesting.

Here's the current nonsense. 

There's been a certain amount of fuss recently about some rap artist who honestly believes he world is flat. The fuss is dying down now and will soon be forgotten.If you read this in a year's time you'd be hard put to remember anything about it.

Nor do I  feel any need to go through the guy's "proof" and dismantle it bit by bit, any more than I feel moved to doubt that there are more than four elements, or need to seriously examine the notion that people are made of of four (or was it five?) 'humours'.

Back when I was in Grammar School, our French teacher amused us mightily by telling us that there was still a ''Flat Earth Society". We assumed it was a joke, that even its members didn't take it seriously. (oh, and if you're still with us Mr Etter, bless you. Most of the teachers in that hellhole were psychos who hated children. I always felt you wanted us to actually learn and to enjoy doing it. My French is getting very rusty now, nobody in the US uses it, but there was a while there when I was pretty good. I even had some of my stuff on a French language'd have been proud.) 

I remember some author in an article in, perhaps, "Galaxy" magazine suggesting that all the Flat Earthers should be taken to the eddge and thrown off.

But that busy little brain of mine will not leave alone thenotion of how things are supposed to function on a flat earth.

What's on the other side of the 'coin"?

How does gravity work?

Why is there day and night? is the "coin" spinning?

Is it just us? or is the moon flat too?

What about the other planets?

Whyare there time zones? Why is it day in some parts of the world and night in others?

What about seasons? And why is it summer here and winter somwhere else? 

Why are days longer in summer?

Why does the moon have phases?

What keeps satellites up?

Draw me a map. Where's the South Pole?


Oh, shut up, brain....













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